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CNT Global Freight Ltd
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   The company is active in marketing and sensitive to market. Focusing on the development of the new emerging economies (such as Brics: Brazil, Russia, South Africa, India, South America, Africa, Middle East, and Eastern Europe etc.), the company has been forward-looking in the business and route planning. It has also signed the Chartered Package Contract with several excellent high-end airlines and shipping companies at home and abroad which makes the company provide stable and efficient products for customers for a long time.

      As a member of CIFA and WCA , the company has our own special website stage with abundant global agents.

      The company is one of the best agents of CX and SQ,VS,EK,BA in south of china!



Corporate objective
      China New Times-CNT, we could see the corporate objective obviously from its name. China New Times-create a new era of Chinese air transportation. We shall join hands with our customers and partners to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation and create a global freight enterprise with strong vitality and competitiveness.

Our slogan 
     China New Times Air Transportation shall join hands to create a new era of Chinese air transportation.

China New Times,Faithful Service!